The weather changes dramatically on Grand Manan from day to day. Please call 506-321-0944 to confirm your tour with Heather the day before your trip.

Arriving on Grand Manan

The ferry ride takes 1.5 hours to reach Grand Manan. Once docked on the island, unloading the ferry and traveling to us could take 15 to 20 minutes. Please factor this extra time so you won’t be late for your departure with us.

Please consult the Coastal Transport ferry schedule and plan your arrival. Our tours start promptly and we don’t want to leave without you!


Duration: Cruises average 2 hours long. We attempt to ensure our departure times are as advertised however, weather conditions may result in delays or cancellations. Please give us a call the day of your trip to get the latest marine information.

Dress: Please wear layers. The weather on shore can be hot but you can be assured of a significant temperature drop on the Bay of Fundy. Our weather can be unpredictable so it’s better to over dress than under dress.

Sunscreen: Please bring enough. The sun reflects off the water and increases the likelihood of sunburn.

Safety: Life jackets are mandatory aboard our vessel. We have Mustang inflatable PFDs for adults and life jackets for children over 30 lbs.

Do you go in all weather?

Each morning captain Matthew will check marine weather and make the call for the safety and comfort of guests. High winds, heavy rain and dense fog will most often cancel a trip but light fog, light rain and light wind are usually ok to sail in. The Meghan Lorraine is equipped with a radar.

Can you accommodate accessibility needs?

Matt says no one stays back on the wharf! We may be able to accommodate wheelchairs and other accessibly requirements. If you have a specific need please contact us ahead of your tour.

Are there washrooms?

At the moment there are no washrooms on board our boat and none at the wharf.

Should we bring binoculars/camera?

Please feel free to bring either/both of these items but remember that somethings are better experienced with your full attention instead of from behind a viewfinder. There’s always the chance your equipment may get wet (we are going on the ocean!) so please take that into account when making your decision.

What type of vessel do you use?

The Meghan Lorraine is a Zodiac 750 Pro rigid hull inflatable boat with a 300 horsepower Yahama engine. 

What kind of whales will we see?

You'll never know what to expect on the Bay of Fundy, but we can assure you that your trip will be safe and exciting! Most likely you will see seals, porpoises, bald eagles and numerous sea birds along the coast of Grand Manan Island. Several species of whales are typically spotted in our waters include Minke whales, Finback, Humpbacks and North Atlantic Right Whales. Thresher Sharks, Porbeagle Sharks, Basking Sharks and Makos are common in the summer as well. 

Do you guarantee whale sightings?

No, while we will do our absolute best to find whales including speaking with other vessels in the area and checking different locations around the area, we cannot guarantee whale sightings. We can guarantee, however, that you’ll have a great trip.

What about motion sickness?

The Meghan Lorraine is 24’ long and 7’ wide and a very stable vessel. With that said, if you’re prone to motion sickness, eat a light breakfast before the trip, bring salt crackers or anti-nausea medication.

Is there a snack bar on board?

No, however, guests are welcome to pack a light lunch or snacks for the trips. Personal experience in our family says the minute we get on the water is the minute our children are starving! Another thing to consider is the lack of washroom facilities on the Meghan Lorraine. As the ocean is the source of our livelihood, we are adamant that all waste be brought back to the shore and not tossed overboard. 

What other options are available besides whale & wildlife trips?

As a certified commercial diver with years of experience diving in and around Grand Manan, Matthew is open to offering dive charters for PADI certified divers. Is deep sea fishing a passion of yours? Why not contact us about charting the boat to go fishing in the waters around Grand Manan Island.