Always Adventuring

Lambert Family Adventures is owned and operated by Matthew and Heather Lambert on beautiful Grand Manan in New Brunswick.

Matthew is an island boy with generations of relatives who have called Grand Manan home. As a commercial diver and a lobster fisherman, he has spent the majority of his life on the water. Originally from Sussex Corner, Heather quickly found she has salt water in her veins.

Meghan loves anything to do with horses and marine life. Caroline is a force to be reckoned with and has started working in the booth checking guests in. Since the girls were born, we’ve taken them on “adventures”. Sometimes they had specific destinations, sometimes it was all up to fate. No matter the weather, we would pack up snacks, dress accordingly and go off. In the truck, on a four wheeler, or a Carolina skiff. We explored nature and all our island has to offer - both on land and from the sea.

Summers have been spent with family on the Carolina skiff, exploring caves and inlets, fishing off the side, watching the sheep on Long Island, or just listening to the sea life “talk” through our hydrophone. To our girls, this is normal, everyday stuff - seeing whales blow and play, pointing out the various seabirds and sea animals, catching jellyfish to study before letting them go.

It may be a daily occurrence for them, but we realized it wasn’t for most others. Some have never caught a sunset from the boat, watched a puffin swim by, collect garbage and debris from the ocean. So we decided to find a bigger boat and start offering others the opportunity to join us on an adventure.  We hope to have one or all of us on every tour so you too can experience a Lambert family adventure and all that it entails.

We invite you to join our family and share in the unique adventures one can only find on Grand Manan. We’ll see you on the water!

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